Tuscany Lyon Sofa Dining Set


The Tuscany Lyon set is full of genius design features which make this set the perfect garden accessory for smaller outside spaces. You can easily double your eating space by sliding out a second table hidden underneath the main dining table. Extra seats also slide out from underneath the larger benches transforming into an 8 seater dining set with ease. When not in use, this set all packs away into a single rattan cube taking up minimal space.

2 x Large Sofa Benchs – H 67cm x W 110cm x D 54cm

2 x Smaller Benches – H 32cm x W 99cm x D 44cm

1 x Higher Dining Table – H 74cm x W 125cm x D 110cm

1 x Lower Dining Table – H 66cm x W 120cm x D 97cm